Treasons made should be addressed. Editorial:-

The EPLF/PFDJ has made triple treasons up on the Eritrean people,at large and minorities in its wide scope.

First: in the course of Eritrean liberation struggle, it has wrongly led the front, wasted the lives of hundred Eritrean youths, mothers and fathers. Pushed and pulled other national fronts into a civil war among Eritrean nationals. Consequently Eritrea and its people have paid dearly. With utmost zeal and determination, the Eritrean people have brought the liberation struggle to its end victoriously. Thanks to the zealous effort and sacrifice made but still did not take lessons from its previous mistakes. Right at the national liberty celebration day, the warmongering chairperson of EPLF has waged a war up on other Eritrean sisterly organizations, pushed them back to bushes where they are forced to take arms against the regime to kill each other. That golden opportunity was curbed and gone waste.

Consequently still, a civil war has been carried out among Eritrean nationals of all walks. The same organization, out of pathological hatred and revenge against minor nationalities, Kunama, Afar, Saho, and religious followers, Muslims and Pentecostal, Jehovah, and the likes, hundreds of nationals were killed, detained, displaced and made to disappear with out trace. Let’s underline as the second most erroneous treason. With a change of name and acronym to People’s Front for Justice and Development (PFDJ) respectively, after beating war drums and fleeting horns or trumpets repeatedly for unlimited and unspecified times, the regime, in the name of Eritrean people has waged a border war with Yemen, Sudan, Ethiopia and Djibouti. The war caused by the Eritrean regime, as to the findings and verdict of the international court-the body that mediated and settled the border conflict with Ethiopia , has consumed a lives of seventy thousands nationals from both sides. It’s unreasonable war for both brother and sisterly people of the two neighborly countries;Eritrea and Ethiopia. Indeed, it’s too much for the tiny Eritrea with a meager population of five million. And this is the third and most ugly treason ever the regime has made in the name of Eritrean people but never consulted. In these three layered treasons and with the exception of the first of the liberation struggle, the cause for which every Eritrean has given his/her voice and approved unanimously to fight(save the failures of the leadership to bring the war to victory with in short period of time and evade the civil war), none of single Eritrean national is consulted but deceived to dance and shout in the streets for a cause alien to them. In fact, more dangerously, parliaments were dissolved to meet personal interest of the Eritrean dictator. This is the spot where minorities in Eritrea are highly disrespected and marginalized to have a say in all national issues raised and resolved against their will and consent.

At a final page of our history of twenty first century, to punish and reduce its warmongering cells and ingredients, the United Nations has imposed an equitable sanction up on the warmongering and deviant leaderships of the EPLF/PFDJ, not up on Eritrean people in 2009. After ten years of adamantly defying the sit for dialogue with the Ethiopian government to settle the border conflict and after the order of the super powers to give in or a regime change agenda will be tabled, the regime in Eritrea has rushed far to accept and implement the offer and visited Ethiopia three or four times monthly. In the course of the ten sanction years, while the UN imposed arm embargo, asset freeze and no traveling abroad, to retaliate, the regime has imposed a vivid economic sanctions up on its own people. Eritrea’s legal tender,Nakfa, is hoarded in the sole national bank and all citizens are forced to withdraw only five thousand nakfa per month. Citizens are prohibited to sift gold in a traditional way to spare their lives. People were caged in various prison cells. This time, speculations are being circulated as to his background, the Eritrean dictator is pushing to sell Eritrea’s ports and to annex Eritrea with Ethiopia, as his fore fathers and uncles’ friend Hailesillase has done. He is insisting to do the job by disregarding and disrespect the opinion of Eritrean people. After ten years of sanction and coming to its sense and accepting and softening its stance to sit for dialogue with out stipulations the regime has put for the past twenty more years, that imposed sanction was lifted. The target of the sanction, with its direct or inverse relation, has nothing to do with Eritrean people. Eritrean people do not have any moral ground and obligation to jump , dance or shout as a victory. This is additional uncompromising treason the regime has made. So its to us Eritreans to think otherwise as to why we have been deceived for such a long time. it’s time for us Eritreans to sign a petition and depose such regime.