Take or leave it, Ethiopian reforms are time bombs for Eritrea:-

Yes, no wonder for that. Thanks to the recent rapprochement of both neighboring countries;Eritrea and Ethiopia. The rapprochement has enabled Eritreans to see the outside world.

It’s a great opportunity to have a mitigated exposure of the external world. It (the rapprochement) stirs the Eritrean mind to think otherwise as to why the once civilized, sociable and hard working section is doomed with in the past 27 and more years. The corrupt, corrosive, alcoholic mental sickness is the source of all the delirium that blocks a visionary thought for a better economic development and peaceful coexistence within and out side world. People may think what’s going inside Ethiopia is a mental work of the Eritrean dictator, Isaias Afwerqi. People may think the rogue president is more experienced and matured than any East African leaders but in which area? People might expect the sectarian EPLF/PFDJ is much more experienced political organ than EPRDF, ANC and/or other African political parties in what so ever leverage and magnitude but the reverse is true. Look and compare how the EPLF/PFDJ has wrongly led and squeezed Eritrea and its people while Ethiopians, under EPRDF, with all diversity, unequal level of consciousness and economic or social disparities and development, population and complex political quests have scored the leap. Look how far the senselessly denying and ignoring of collective rights of the actual diversified Eritrean society has been inflicted by the current regime.

And imagine how Eritreans are dubbed and considered as ignorants to read their inside and vicinities. Still, people may think the current on and off visitations of the dictator to Ethiopia is a plot of Isaias Afwerqi to revenge up on TPLF/Tigray, to fool the current Ethiopian leadership and rejuvenate his ambition to continue with his predatory state of mentality to usurp the Ethiopian economic advantages unlawfully. No and never. President Isaias Afwerqi’s drama has ceased since the border war. As he himself has confirmed and assured, the cause for the war was not Badumma or Badime. It was economic greed emanated from the EPLF/PFDJ leadership. To get that economic advantage by force, with a spirit of military might that has defeated the dergue, the Eritrean dictator has waged the war. The out come of the war was the reality we as Eritreans and the entire world have assured, the complete political political, social, and economic isolation of Eritrea for the last 27 years. Thanks to the reforms of the Ethiopian side where Eritreans have got the chance to see the failed obsolete leadership in contrast. Today that military might has withered. He might force his citizens to ‘shout and be proud’ of the value of nakfa in comparison to birr by keeping all the nakfa in the sole commercial bank of Eritrea and allowing the citizens to draw only five thousand for monthly expenditures, regardless of their household demands but will not contemplate to wage another war to secure his demands by force as it has done before twenty more years. He can accept and collect the Badime plains as the verdict but never the economic advantages he is fond of. Actually, Badime is an out come of a victory of rule of law over military might of force. And for me, there is no need of a celebration or wegah tibl leyti tilhit for the border gain or lost. Not only that. Some immature Eritreans are disseminating irrationalities regarding and possibilities of the dictator’s interventions in Ethiopian affairs but never. That’s is not his power space and area limits. His military and intelligence might has collapsed and he had no moral or visible ground to muzzle, kidnap, kill or disrupt and derail his dissidents or Ethiopian reform respectively. That old might, as we early mentioned have gone and never come back unless a matured, radical and land sliding political reform have taken place. Unless the regime in Eritrea changes its political course and makes political reforms internally and externally, let alone Ethioipia as a state, the current situation of Tigray as a region is much more better than Eritrea. There fore, as change and peace loving Eritreans, let’s not delve into hodge bodge and irrational analysis of the sixtieth. Unless the Eritrean regime addresses and redresses the immediate political, social, economic demands of its citizens effectively in a timely manner and suits the ongoing political reforms of Ethiopia in form and content, the bomb will explode.