On lifting sanction:-

Lifting or imposing sanction has both meaning and impact. Why sanction or sanctions imposed internationally should of course come first before liftings.

Was that sanction justifiably or unjustifiably endorsed? should ever needs explanations about the sanction depends on the civility of the concerned body. And finally, the endorsed or imposed sanctions, with the necessary elaborations suffice, it will be lifted. In case of Eritrea, the nature of the regime behaviorally is equatable to the sanctions imposed. Do the sanctions target the population or the arrogant leadership, should come first, to know the exact impact of the sanctions. Banning of traveling documents and opportunities on one hand, and deals, purchases and importing arms on the other side, will never hurt the Eritrean population in real. Yes, as a citizen, however, any one can feel at ease when the country is internationally attacked. Inferably therefore, as Eritrean citizens with a vivid grudge with the regime, we all may feel discomfort towards the sanction. Those sanctions have nothing to do with the border conflict and demarcation.

The inverse relation could be inferred to arm deals to continue the war. In Eritrea, therefore, the sanctions were actually had a direct relation with the aggressive and arrogant behavior of the regime and were rightly imposed. Any good thing deduced from the twenty more years of sanction should be done with the behavior of the regime. Lifting sanctions with out approving the improvement of the regime’s behavior could be unacceptable. In a country with out constitution and penal codes, lifting sanctions will embolden and infatuate the already existed arrogant and uncivilized behavior of the regime. So lifting sanctions won’t pull the regime out of its comfort zone.