The Eritrean regime is categorizing Eritreans based opinion proximity. Those who accept its opinion, regardless of their gender and ethnicity are the blessed first class citizens.

Those with different and opposing opinions are second or third class citizens and are labeled as non-nationalists. To speak the truth, is there any Eritrean nationalism other than eloping with the infatuated EPLF/PFDJ syndrome? We are Eritreans but adamant opponents of the rogue regime and nothing wrong with it. Those Eritreans, who are diametrically opponents to the current EPLF/PFDJ political platform; therefore, are expected to design a new exit strategy to do the regime away. There is no option to compromise than dethroning the arrogant breed from Eritrea. Every Eritrean, regardless of his or her opinion, is a first class citizen. We fought for the liberation on equal footing but diminished to second class. Still strived to adjust and show the regime as to which are its flaws to accommodate all Eritreans on equal base but abhorred and has began to divide and rule. Now is the final phase of ensuring one’s inalienable right of surviving as a full citizen in Eritrea. To make it, then, we should come out with a new plan and project of how to make Eritreans as equal dividends of the peace process. The easiest calculus is to get the regime away by any means at hand. Now is the right time to shift the paradigm.