No one can alter a natural border:-

No one can alter a natural border:- you can hate and avoid that person, move to other location, flee or change a neighbor hood with in your country but never change your immediate border.

DIA cannot alter or put off our being neighbors with Tigray at this time but that will remain as a wish. Never happen. So what is left and eternal solution is to give a temporary or eternal remedy for the conflicts emanated at the border areas. First and foremost, mitigate awhile until a final legal and legitimate solution. Second, avoid any bloody skirmishes that will lead to all out war between people of one and the same blood, culture, language and psychological set ups. DIA had neither of the two and has led us to such a bloody confrontations with in Eritrea and our immediate neighbors. It’s a curse to have such a leader. Look how the one time beautiful city of Asmara had turned into ghetto. No standardized public toilet, no standardized hotel, and no available fruit punches and squashes. This is DIA’s Asmara, the city of ghosts. This is how Asmara is being described by those Ethiopians who have been there before two or less months. A leader who has wasted his entire energy to internal, external, national and regional destabilization. In return, we are paying the price. As the consequence, we remain a two steps back from our previous civilization of colonial period. DIA is a leader that longs colonization and its outrageous pitfalls. With all his capacity and attempt, he is unable to alter our natural border and bondage with our immediate neighbors other than fortifying a hate wall that can be easily demise by people to people interaction along the border.