Evading Demarcation on the Right Time and Space is a Crime Against Humanity

Eritrea and Ethiopia are two separate and sovereign states. They share linguistic and cultural values in common but that does not mean they are one and unified countries.

Their natural boundaries should be delineated as per the international standard laws. Shelving the border issue for unknown time and replacing it by minor negotiable issues is nothing but a precipitated intrigue of dictators to pull the card to disrupt a peaceful coexistence between two sisterly people and countries in near future. Not trusting the peace partners in heart, DIA is putting the border issue off for another but unscheduled time. The coming generation should not be tied up with such unresolved national issues. As we have done with the independence with out hesitation and made history by forging the new African state, Eritrea, we should also tackle this case with neighboring people on time and right now. No more time should go waste. Demarcate the border now and right now. If not, the regime at post will be responsible for any consequence and eventualities. Evading to put an end for the border is as equal as putting a mine for the coming generation and it’s a crime against humanity as well.