Editorial: Demarcation First and Above All:-

The reckless and the worst political blunder ever made by the PFDJ regime is undermining the border demarcation issue.

The regime has down sized the issue of border demarcation and focused on power give in calculations. After the sacrifice of thousand and ten thounds’ lives, DIA puts the Eritrean sovereignty on auction. The Eritrean state secured by the souls of several thousand Eritreans of all walks and gender is being presented as a reward for alien forces. Eritrea is for Eritreans. It’s land and marine resources belong to Eritreans and Eritreans alone and that’s why we Eritreans fought to secure the unholy border war instigated by DIA. It’s sad and pity to see that precious asset on auction with out the consent of its citizens. Making peace with our immediate neighbors; Tigrians and Afars of Ethiopia is a blessed step above all measures next to border demarcation. Because it was the border issue that has consumed us, Eritreans, to pay the priceless price. Currently, DIA is busied himself to disintegrate Ethiopia. He is working day in and out as a cadre of anti self determination forces to destabilize Ethiopia. All his gestures and deeds are sweet scums. Born with intrigue and sadistic spirit, he stands against his own blood and skin. Every Eritrean, should, therefore, stand to keep the sovereign Eritrea at any cost. We should never hesitate to block such inhuman and diabolic trend. Unless we tackle this national issue on time, we will be obliged to fight for another thirty more years. Lets come to our sense. Let’s caution our selves as to why we keep lagging behind while the Eritrean state hood is under stake. Let’s raise our voices to bring the demarcation issue to the for front. Let the DIA, as Eritrean ‘ President’ do the job expected from him not destabilizing our neighbors and the Horn at large.

The Eritrean National Front(ENF).