Dollar for soldier and viseversa: the new order of the Horn of Africa:-

Dollar for soldier and viseversa: the new order of the Horn of Africa:-

the chaotic politics of Middle East is being imported by the known Sunni-Sunni and Sunni-Shia rivals. The Iran led groups, Qatar, Turky, Sudan on one side and Saudi led coalition, comprised of United Arab Emirates, Egypt, And Eritrea are already on line to export and import the pelting stone and chaotic politics of the Middle East to the Horn of Africa.

Both sides of alliance is to have a upper hand on political and economic areas of the Bab el Mandeb route. The Hutus of Yemen, backed by the Shia based Iran are more and great challenge for the Saudi led coalition and they need more help from the African Horn Countries(AHC). Countries like Eritrea and others, lured by the lump-some dollar and in order to recover from economic shrinking, are salivated to send soldiers in exchange for dollar. Dollar to soldier instead of money commodity money (M-C-M) order has swallowed the Horn. PIA has already availed selected infant troops and ready to dispatch through Massawa. Minorities like Kunama that are bents for PFDJ’s policies from day one, are becoming targets to this unholy war. We Eritreans should be aware of such current situation of the Horn. We, as Eritreans, should not be seen as importers of the Middle East chaos to the Horn.