Eritrea: democratic or despotic transition is on the table?

An avalanche of unpredictable change is being seen every now and then. The turning point of border stalemate (the other page of no war no peace) situation of Eritrea and Ethiopia is in a shaky position with a new trend.

First and foremost, the border demarcation issue is becoming irrelevant at this very juncture but why? To get a sigh of relief, PIA is disregarding the sacrifice of 70 more thousand lives of the two countries. PIA is alluding to the 60’s unity of Eritrea and Ethiopia which is cruelly abrogated by the Hailesillasie regime. If that type of federal system is on quest, why did we pay those dear lives of innocent men and women? The anti diversity and callous notion of one heart and one people is imported to Ethiopia being heard under the banner of majority syndrome repeatedly. And we as Eritrean and Ethiopians do know and recall by heart as to how much that unitary concept has damaged and violated our diversity and rights respectively. Unity in diversity is the sole noble formula for Eritrea and we are hearing from pfdj members that democracy is too much luxury for the little Eritrea under the despotic leader of Eritrea. For non Eritreans and who are salivating to use the ports and other land resources, they do not care whether Eritrean people suffer under the reign of Isaias Afwerqi or not. Yes, Haile sillase too was with such opinion and belief caring about the land not the people. The land and marine resources of Eritrea can be availed for the common use of the two or more neighboring countries only if the inhabitants, citizens and people of both or more countries are sailing on the same democratic boat. If not, that will be a dream and another war of liberation but never cost thirty years, though its old fashion, will be resumed. No one will give up his/her sovereign land, secured in blood and bones of its precious sons and daughters.

President Isaias will neither sell nor exchange Eritrea for dollar or barter system; exchanging with Gabi or any item. Its his right to enjoy by the gifts but not in our name, land and marine resources. Democracy and democratic institutions are highly on demand by Eritreans. We want to secure our sovereign Eritrea by any means at hand. We are not comfortable with the gesture and dictions of PIA regarding Eritrea and its people. For the information, we are fed up with war and war drums of PIA since 60’s. We are fed up with the insinuating approach of PIA since independence. We are for peace and mutual respect with our neighbors. We are Eritreans and we want to remain as Eritreans. If anything, that strikes against our national interest and sovereignty, it does not mean that we are castrated to nil. The enigma of defending our national sovereignty is there untouched any time and place. President Isaias Afwerqi shall be respected for his contribution for the liberation of Eritrea but should not be praised for his violation of human liberties and sovereign state of Eritrea at large.