DMLEK, since its birth, has been fighting for the inalienable rights of Ertitrean Kunama indigenous people, not for political power.

For us Kunama, political power is a secondary factor. Our prime concern and stipulation is the very right to survive as a numerical and political minority as well. We applaud the ongoing peace process between the two governments that should be consolidated by the duly participation of border people of both countries, Eritrea and Ethiopia with special reference to inhabitants of border areas of Eritrea,Tigray and Afar. Unlike the Ethiopian, the Eritrean regime has rushed swiftly to accept the border settlement proposal with out a precondition due to internal and external pressing factors. Those laughs and jubilations are not the real and natural manifestations of the deal. It’s a sweet scum. DMLEK as a political force, still welcomes any good for our people but the right to survive and continue in its ancestral land is the first and utmost prerequisite and should be guaranteed internationally and regionally as well. Undermining the course of the twenty more years of struggle will dump Eritrea into more chaos and destabilization. The issues of our ancestral land, territorial integrity, cultural and linguistic rights, and the inalienable right of self autonomous rule, administration and legitimacy should be endorsed officially with out delay. The core stem of our struggle was not for political power but to survive and continue as a Kunama in Eritrea.