PFDJ at a Cross Road By: Asselman (DMLEK) Part Five

How can a minority, then, thinks to survive in Eritrea while such intentional and regime backed projects are being sketched on daily base?

And those Diaspora based intellectuals, no other than Isaias Afwerqi, are still advocating and standing along the side of the criminal, despotic and hegemonic regime in the name of majority rule. For us Kunama, accept or leave, our survival and continuity is of prior concern in Eritrea. Yes, we care for Eritrea and are Eritreans. While our homes, cemeteries, and churches being targeted and demolished, do you think we care about the dignity and continuity of your regime? We know and anticipate as to what could be your intentions and formulas as you read this article. It’s obvious that the usual Mackevillian system of divide and rule to chop off those few but conscious elements that are aware of your insane intentions of cleansing the Eritrean minorities will undoubtedly be your option. Be it the case and if not for our numerical minority, the border stretched and linked with Ethiopia is our ancestral land and it’s of our great concern of how to live with our neighbors peacefully.

PIA has ignited the war for his own dignity and kibri in Tigrinya not for Kunama interest. The international community too has the moral obligation to put the opinion of the indigenous Kunama in to consideration. It’s due to the insatiable greed of PIA the war has broken out. As Eritrean intellectuals with duly interest of keeping Eritrea as solid entity and sovereign, therefore, should be reasonable and think of its subjects rather than the pockets, slices, and spots of land. Of course, you can argue that Eritrea is the aggregate feature of such partitions. Yes, the Kunama, Afar, Tigringa, Tigre, Nara, Saho, Bilen, Hidareb and etc are the subjects and the very components of Eritrea with their territorial integrity, period. No one could detach these people from their ancestral land and have inalienable right of designing the fate of their own properties and assets at their pace. Talk and think about the wellbeing of these citizens rather than the war mongering greedy thugs instead. That erroneous nationalist banner will not delineate you from the greedy thugs unless you declare your stand clearly. Any alternative opposition too will not consider you as a possible partner of change unless you sworn in against the regime you have been part and parcel. To think any better, therefore, be of the sum and for the sum.

Think for all pockets at the border agenda and their inhabitants not only to the spot of “pride.” Rehearsing and stammering what the regime says now and then won’t help us to come out with a reason.  

 To bring an overall solution, therefore, influence others to sit for a dialogue. The self proclaimed dudes may say that they are the sole representatives to claim for any way outs about Eritrea. That won’t bring a lasting solution. If you are capable of challenging the regime as you knew more than any Eritrean and being intellectuals in what so ever negotiation or dialogue, then, put and equip yourself with limitless reasoning and take the lead to challenge the regime. Lets prepare for a dully and eternal solution for the border stalemate. Sooner is the better. Part six …………..