PFDJ at a Cross Road By: Asselman (DMLEK) Part Four

The deliberate displacements, marginalization, multi facet cultural and linguistic subjugations and assimilative policies of the regime are day to day intercourses of the Eritrean minorities.

To confiscate the land ‘legally’, the government has drafted population policy of assimilation. As a mode of retaliation, certain villages like Ashoshi, Tuka,  Dase, Shambakko, Binbilna, and Anugulu are selected by systematic random sampling to diffuse and assimilate the Kunama population and culture. The traditional spot of Tuka, where a very eight years ritual is celebrated is changed into a market place. This is an insult to the Kunama culture and tradition.

Second, Ashoshi is the birth place of Germano Naty. From 1991-2002, Ashoshi was a favorite and revolutionary spot for EPLF’s leadership, cadres and ordinary fighters for the sheer reason that the late Germano Naty was from that village. Wherever you as a kunama encounter veteran fighters and cadres of the EPLF, they will ask you about Ashoshi because it’s the only village they assume that embrace the EPLF political sphere and Germano Naty as Kunama god father. When they turn their back against him, look now how they destroyed the village and its inhabitants. A village of 20 strong family heads was swallowed by a regiment and the forced assimilation scheme has gone too fast. Within a year, the entire village, including married women, was forced to give child to aliens’ soldiers. A cultural genocide on scene but no one has cautioned by then. As Germano Naty is killed, his birth place too is annihilated by assimilation-a cold blooded revenge on a minority figure and his birth place for which no single Diaspora intellectual has seen condemned so far. Is that not a crime against humanity? Is that not a crime against minorities?

Let’s take Anugulu as another litmus test for a forced assimilation and systematic genocide over Kunama indigenous people.  Anugulu is a fertile spot stretched between Fode and Dokinbiya. At the Hailesillase era, certain family from the Beniamir clan of Tigre nationality has came and used to live there.  They baptized the village as Adi Ibrim and no one has argued, complained, provoked and urged them to leave the spot. The shay and innocent Kunama has welcomed and allowed them to live adjacently. Not satisfied by the altering the original name of the area to Adi Ibrim, they seduced the women by force. Not only that. The inhabitants of Adi Ibrim have made contact with ELF and slaughtered a lot of men and husbands of the women they want to possess. To put on halt the incident, all Kunama gathered and filed their appeal to the governor of that time. Having made a thorough study about the incident, the governor has ordered and burnt all the houses and told them to evacuate. To bring this incident to our sense, therefore, it’s bad and unfortunate to happen between and among neighboring Eritrean citizens. But for us Kunama, the very gesture of forced assimilation has been propelled from this time and place. As it was bad omen and start, today, the entire Anugulu is turned into aliens land and the social fabric of this village is totally changed in line to the integral part of social engineering project of the regime. No Kunama and if there, he or she is assimilated, shrunk and squeezed to kneel. Is this not a crime against humanity? Is this not a war against minorities? Part Five will follow…..