PFDJ at a Cross Road By: Asselman (DMLEK) Part three

A stand on border stalemate:- the border stalemate, as any Eritrean believes and believed, is already resolved.

Here is my reasoning on the ground. Before going to Hague, the regime has handed over 25 kms as a Temporary Security Zone (TSZ) when chocked and a threat to its continuity and survival is posed PIA has signed the treaty and spared its political power. No Eritrean on individual or collective base have given their opinion as to why the war has broken out and PIA has signed to hand over the vast fertile chunk of Gash delta in Kunama ancestral land. Badumme is a spot less than what we have lost. Yes, it’s a piece of land between two brotherly and sisterly people bonded with common tradition, language, culture and marriage. The intermingling of the people alone would have deterred such political crises smoothly but PIA has pushed to the last edge of the cliff by waging an unexpected sudden war-that has consumed a generation of more than 70,000 lives.

Today, the no war-no-peace status has put the people of both countries without immediate neighborhood and alignment. They are exposed to any danger and hostility. The ball, therefore, is on PFDJ’s field not the reverse. As to the final and binding solution, we, Eritreans, not Ethiopians are losers. Clinging to a tiny spot and giving Quadruple size of Badumme away to is nothing but a populist approach and a cult. Badumme is attached to the umbilical cord of PIA’s dignity. He does not care whether half portion of Eritrean community dashes away as far as he is in the enshrined post. Surely, PIA and his cohorts do not have a slightest sense of community. They care about their political position. They care about their immunity from the crimes they are accountable to. The cover up propaganda of the regime regarding the border stalemate is worth of nothing but rolling up around their dignity of how to survive on the post they have once clanged. What more heartbreaking and annoying is the role of the Diaspora Eritrean intellectuals in harboring such criminals in the name of the border stalemate. That erroneous nationalist banner they are raising will ultimately diffused them with the criminal regime. Advocating for, standing by the regime’s side and preaching for a change by leading the opposition camp is nothing but sheer power mongering and allusion to the old the EPLF/PFDJ “might.” It’s the same as altering a bottle of wine by liquor. And this is the outcome of majority and hegemony syndrome that should be fought back on time.

In today 21st century Eritrea, we the citizens of the country do know the boundaries of our rights. No one shall be cheated as before. And we know the hegemonic force is in a deep pain and agony as to why those insignificant minorities have developed such awareness. Instead of appreciating and regulate the political abnormalities brought by the intense political obesity of the hegemonic force, they are cursing and curbing the elevated consciousness of the oppressed mass by any means at hand. They, the Diaspora intellectual and the thugs of the regime, are both significantly themed to oppress the political or numerical minorities.   Still, they are not ready to see the strength of the oppressed people. It’s better to acknowledge and recognize the plight so that to bring a workable consensual algebra for to save the country which is at the brink of collapse. Our togetherness, our strength and our readiness to give in within ourselves and our immediate affiliated neighbors is a prerequisite to our survival and continuity. We can survive without Badumme or any tiny spot for centuries, but we cannot survive and continue in war with in and with our neighbors for the sake a tiny spot. It’s a great concern for the minorities like Kunama and others to be at a meaningless war for decades with our immediate neighbors. Why life in conflict for decades? We read lot of books and knew the reasons as to why we became numerical and political minorities to date. The incessant wars waged by our immediate Eritrean neighbors and others, commencing from 1888 till now, have reasonably diminished our number. On top, the discriminative and exclusive education, health and land policies of the previous regimes, including the current hegemonic and populist regime of Isaias Afwerqi, have down sized the minorities to the worse. For the hegemonic and populist regime of PIA, therefore, it’s of great pleasure to see the minorities being held hostages without education, died on daily base and being chased from resources and opportunities of their ancestral lands. For better or worse, let’s not forget we are in the 21st century.

Part Four  will follow…..