PFDJ at a Cross Road By: Asselman (DMLEK) Part two

These are the three pressing national issues the regime or any change loving force has to tackle on time. Fair application of national policies on the mentioned national issues will automatically enhance and flourish culture of democracy and democratic institutions.

Strengthening democratic institutions will, on its side, accelerate and expands citizens’ outlook and reading of their surroundings. Reading one’s surrounding with comprehensive vision will speed up the capacity of conflict resolution. The utmost and preferred conflict resolution is the peaceful and nonviolent one. To develop such lucrative mode of conflict resolution, intensive civic education is compulsory. Our civic and political education should have a bearing on the attitude of the young generations. Putting the youth at Sawa concentration, correctional or indoctrination center and expecting them to be productive while the very pfdj is unproductive, at any cost and rate, will not work. The role of the Diaspora based Eritreans during the liberation war era was tremendous in what so ever way in propelling the struggle to a better stage. They have been well accrued and milked by the then deceptive EPLF and thinking to apply the same cynic method in the name of public or mass organizations now will not take us far.

Majority of the Eritrean Diaspora youth have tasted the sweet scum of the western democracy. They know all sides of western democracy and they enjoyed in the course of their lives. Gathering and organizing them and preaching about the PFDJ’s habitual and happy trigger democracy of majority rules without election, PIA as an eternal Eritrean political god father, no Eritrea without PIA type and if expect something positive from the western-born Eritrean Diaspora will exactly reveal the lame and infamous Eritrean peculiarity. Knowing all the facts and figures of western democracy with the forms and contents, standing on the western countries on both feet and crying foul for the continuity of PFDJ and PIA will make the Eritrean Diaspora UNIQUE from other people of the world but should not be in our name. As people, nothing has made us unique from others. We do not have a unique trait from others. The only factor that possibly makes us unique, like other people, we have a country called Eritrea by name. No other country called Eritrea by name. No more any less. Our uniqueness should be portrayed in terms of work, conflict resolution, our effort of peaceful coexistence with in and out of Eritrea. It’s a shame for a civilized Eritrean Diaspora to stand with PIA and PFDJ while co Eritreans flocks are dying on daily base. Therefore, first and foremost, let’s liberate ourselves from such and similar hegemonic cultures, know our level, and reach out to the extent we can accomplish something valuable during our tenet. After all, let’s fight to restore peace and secured life with in and with our neighbors.

 The fictitious self reliant economic policy too has crippled the regime and the Diaspora Eritreans as well not to move an inch further. People are starving to death in Eritrea, and yet the regime and its Diaspora thugs are deafening us by the fake and false reports of Green and Peaceful island Eritrea. How on earth a civilized Diaspora based intellectual cannot read between the liberation struggle and liberated era? How dear and shame to breath by the others’ lung since liberation struggle till now? How bad to be a yes man for any suggestion for decades? Before any steps, therefore, the regime or any force that thinks any good for Eritrea should tackle the aforementioned three basic national issues and should liberate itself from the two taboos lately underlined. Let’s do our job. Let’s know our limitations and fix them on time. We all are Eritreans and do not want to be driven by the will of those majorities all the time, now and for the future. We are Eritreans and want to have sayings on every national issue. Unless tuned and addressed perfectly, the handling of the Popular Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) will jeopardize the sovereignty and continuity of Eritrea.