Home news:Greed and starvation:-

Greed and starvation:- due to less agricultural income of the previous year and the closure of all four neighboring corridors has brought an immense starvation in Eritrea even though the regime kept silence.

Citizens are collecting local wild fruits to spare their lives while the regime prohibited the people not to collect the fruits. Like the gold, local wild fruits too are restricted by undeclared laws and those who ignore the undisclosed decree and collect fruits are fined. The areas where local wild fruits found in abundance too are under a strict surveillance by soldiers. Instead, the regime is planning to collect and sell to the citizens: a regime that competes with its own citizens in selling water, traditional gold sifting, demolishing churches and digging out cemeteries. The tiny Eritrea with a limited population today, is producing the maximum rate of refugees.

 It’s starving its people deliberately. It’s a regime with pathological hatred towards its own people and citizens. It’s a regime intoxicated by a greed. The international community should visit and discover how bitterly starved the dwellers of villages like, Magula Gulluj, kacharo, and vicinities of Gash delta. Before a month or so, people have slipped in to Kassala(Sudan) and bought some cereals to spare their lives but that route too was closed by the regime.