Is Eritrea an island of peace in real ?::2018

 Eritrea under the reign of tyrant PIA is a land of horror. No light, no water, no free mobilization, no tranquility and no public gathering to express feelings at will.

It’s a land of one hegemonic regime which’s citizens live under duress. It’s a land encircled and suffocated. It’s a land with out doors and windows to regional and international out lets. It’s a land where its citizens think there is no a tyrant angel other than Isaias Afewerki. Here we go. Here is the sweet scum. So can we say Eritrea is an island of peace for the fact that there is no war waged? What about the war inside each citizen’s mind? We are people with out regional and international friends. We are people caged in Isaias’s den. We are his assets, sells and keep us at will. We do not have any freedom to move, say, decide or aspire at our will. So can we say that we are at an island of peace? Watch out and think while saying something. We are hostage and lacked peace and tranquillity physically and spiritually.