Open letter to Dr. Mohammed Kheir.

Open letter to Dr. Mohammed Kheir.

Dr. Kheir, hand off the Kunama affairs.

Dear sir, Kunama are not quota, numbers!

Kunama are people, real people.

Kunama are Indigenous People to Eritrea. And, above all, Kunama are a united people with a common heritage and destiny. And, therefore, like any thing else Kunama as a Nationality, Kunama language,  Kunama names, Kunama religion, Kunama land... deserve respect! In fact, had respect with each other existed in Eritrea and in the world at large, we, humans, wouldn't have fought any wars, any problems, any pull and push of any more powerful segment of any society any where on planet earth. 

However, our man made Eritrean imported dichotomy is so deep- rooted that even our highly enlightened Eritrean individuals are not free from this contageous malady, that is, "To divide our people based on religious affiliations" and to augment and to boost their respective population number at Minority People's expence in order to dominate others, people with different religious persuasions and the two protagonists to compete with each other on somebody's imported religions, philosophies and mind set that undermine our own entity and identity, eventually. Yes, indeed. I am telling you our own experience in Eritrea, sir. We, the Minority People of Eritrea, call " This is a majority tyranny" that we should be aware of; and we should fight and reject it at its birth. And, unfortunately, one of these culprits it is you, Dr. Mohammed Kheir. And, respectfully, we ask you and many others like you this: Hand off the Kunama affairs. We can manage our affairs by Kunama  for Kunama and in Kunama!

Sources ? Well, in the era of internet you are never alone: in other words, I read your articles on Fait Tinga, on Badumme Kasu ( Mohammed) and others who were and still are Muslim Kunama and because of your selection and inclusion in your Eritrean Islamic deep rooted dichotomy by depriving our already Minority Nationality of their own heroes, Kunama Muslims not Muslims, who fought against the Shiftas and  banditry in Eritrea in the years 1940's, - 50's, - 60's, -70's...and kept our Kunama society from being slaughtered further. Many Kunama are raising their voices in dissent and that included our Kunama chairman, Korneleus Osman, who had had some hot exchanges of disapproval with you, Dr Mohammed Kheir. And I also put myself in that chorus of opposition by saying, again: Hand off the Kunama affairs Dr Mohammed Kheir. We Kunama have our primordial Kunama religion that had united us since time immemorial, and only relatively in modern times that some Kunama were converted into Christianity and others into Islam as if we were the people with no religion. And, unlike you, Dr Kheir, Kunama muslims don't have an Arabic and Islamic names; and I don't think that makes them less Muslims than yourself, sir.  By the way, people with no religion? Frankly, there is no such a thing in the entire world "people with no religion" although some arrogant and fanatic religious leaders and their followers shamelessly and ignorantly used to say so from both sides of Eritrean dichotomy.  So to protect our people from these one sided missionaries of imported religions, Christianity and Islam, believe it or not, we are going to enshrine our Kunama religion as a third religion in the  Eritrean Constitution to be respected and protected. Dubiously, you might ask, what is the Kunama religion? Well, that is a good question! What was your religion before you or your great, great grand father or mother had become muslim or christian, sir?

Unlike all Semitic Religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, with a judgemental God full of ire and wrath against His own people to destroy them with fire and deluge for disobeying His divine laws, according to Genesis, Kunama Anna, God, is more tolerant, democratic and inclusive; and that is why Kunama from all kinds of religious persuasions converge together and live together, harmoniously as Kunama. In fact, we consider and put our Kunama Nationality in front and centre but not religion since its personal, intimate, idealistic and philosophical. We hope we all learn from Kunama! Although Minority, we have many qualities to learn from.  As a matter of fact, Martin Luther King too said this quotation about Minority: "Almost always, the creative dedicated Minority has made the world better."

However, Dr. Kheir, as Eritreans, there are many things we can do, work together to fix our Country and unite our beloved people. 

1) To fight extremism from both sides of the isles and beyond e.g Ato Isayas Afeworki and his cadres, Tesfatsion, abo Habtemariam Abraha and associates, Tigray - Tigrigni people, whose plan is, according to them, to expell our muslim brothers and sisters to make room for other Agazians. I don't think these people know the history and the word Agazian itself. And I don't think they know that there are other knowledgeable and smarter people who ridiculed them for their ignorance, arrogance and hollow demagoguery.

2) On the other side of the Eritrean divide, there is there is problem too; a full time Sudanese and part time Eritrean and political novice, Dr. Abdullahi Yousuf and his followeres who, in his speech in Khartoum recently, in November, 2017, had said terrible things against our christians/muslims co-existence in Eritrea. In that speech he had distorted, killed and buried our history, our co-existence our demography before our educated eyes. And that was outrageous to say the very least, of course!

On Social Eritrean Affairs.

3) So once we get our liberty (harinnet) from the tyrant, Isayas Afewerki and his brutal regime, we will start the social and Nation building together; by this I don't mean we cannot start to work together even now. And unlike Isayas who said he would transform Eritrea into Singapore, but he never did, we will do in other ways. Isayas, on the contrary, destroyed our Nation State and its Genuine People more and more and counting; and from this hollow and outrageous experience for the past 26 years of Eritrean megalomaniac, we start to build it with practical, real and small things, first: 

a) Sanitation. Since urinating and defecating in the open will be banned around the globe by the year 2030 by U.N, and only 12 years left for the ban, we have to race against the time to build as many toilets as possible in our cities, towns and villages...otherwise we will be given big tickets, just like speeding tickets, this time by U.N; and long time before U.N declaration on sanitation, the iconic Indian leader, Mahatma Gandhi, said this statement, quote: "Sanitation is more important than political independence; and Toilet is the most important success of civilization and quote. But in Eritrea we do not have a good leader to guide us, neither like Gandhi nor Mandela or Dr. King.

b) Education: Our motto should be this - Free education and educate the entire Eritrean society!

So first opening Universities and Colleges in all 8 provinces of Eritrea then make education mandatory; then our population can roll by itself, no problems!

By the way, do you know why Isayas Afewerki closed the only University we had? Well, the answer is - to kill the critical thinking in our population, so he can manipulate and impose his will and the Maoist ways in creating an amorphous society of yes population to his stupid one man orders; attack this or that Nation State  and then, as every body might remember, his infamous victim blaming: " Werar Weyane"...and so on and so forth. From this past experiece we can safely make a philosophical deduction and say: anything that Isayas says is a sheer lie and a drama; and the only true and real phenomenon in Eritrea today is the suffering of our people, the martyrdom of our freedom fighters and of our genuine people; nothing less, nothing more! 

c) Close relative marriage ban.

This phenomenon is happening more in Eritrean Aslamic Society even as I write these pages. I said this because I know many of these marriages among family members, cousins... taken place; as a matter of fact, I had some hot arguments with some of them. Of course, this is not a religious matter but a scietific one; so when close, immediate cousins marry each other, having the same genes, chromosomes’, they create unhealthy children perhaps with down syndrome or other serious health issues. And even if they have healthy children today, in the future generation the problem will pop up. We cannot fool around with science, nature. Certainly, we don't want to build a Nation of handicapped and unhealty children especially when we know the problem and the cause-effect relation.

The Ancient Egypt or Kemet was famous for these problems. In fact, the Royal family of Kemet used to marry among family members to keep the blood line, wealth and prestige among themselves but the result was a disaster to say the least: children born with down syndrome; children born with epilepsy; children born with perennial heath problems etc. etc.

Perhaps you might argue that you are an Eritren or an Eritrean Muslim and married to your cousin and that you did not have any problems so far  and you might argue that I am misleading you?!?! Well, first of all I am glad you have healthy children; secodly, do you know that in Eritrea all our 9 Nationalities have unwritten law or decree? When brand new born child is severely handicapped, or with down syndrome etc. they, our Eritrean mothers, would kill you at birth because they believe it is a "Merghem," perhaps from Creator. It is hard to believe but it is truth. This is not only our mothers' problem but our societal problem! The reason we, or most of us,  don't know the science: 23 chromosomes from father plus 23 chromosomes from mother=46 chromosomes creating a perfect child. Anything more or less, example 47 or45 chromosomes, nature goes terribly  wrong by creating , if I may say, wrong creatures, children with down syndrome etc. etc ... So it has nothing to do with Merghem from Superior Power. The question is, how many very young souls with innate problems have to die? From my humble point of view one is too many! And let us examine our consciousness, seriously. And I am glad that Prof. Stephen Hawking, an English theoretical physicist and a genius second only to Albert Einstein, was not born in Eritrea. We would have killed him at birth for his severe physical disabilities. We are that bad; that much! 

My fellow Eritreas, brothers and sisters, let us learn facts, events  from the history and avoid what is avoidable; what is scientifically wrong and do the right things. As they say: Those who don't learn from the past history, are condmned to repeat it. Let us not repeat it!

 d) Ban FGM from Eritrea.

This culture, female genital mutilation, originated from Kemet, the Ancient Egypt. In fact, even today if you examine all those 5ooo to 6ooo years old mummified female bodies were all circumcised. And this  ancient civilisation was extending from lower Kemet, the present day Egypt, to upper Kemet, present day Sudan, as far as Somalia and in between, that is, Eastern provinces of Kemet, today Eritrea, Ethiopia and Djibouti for more than 3000 plus years. (Consult Egypt Revisited by Prof Ivan Serma) This was the time when we got or inherited this evil culture of circumcision not to mention the organized primordial religions, civilizations, cultures ( anfura kala if you are from Kunama Nationality) and customs and so on and soforth... So to make long story short, to Ancient Egyptians, women were just numbers, not people; wonen were sexual objects and for procreation only. And I am not a sex specialist but I Know very well science, biology, human anatomy and I believe that was why they invented the unholy female genital mutilation that reduces their (female) feelings perhaps 50 per cent or even more. Well, do we understand, now? Hmm......... I believe so!

So never again! Let us not repeat this backward culture in 21th century in our Eritrea and beyond. After all we all have mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, acquaintances and total strangers...they  are all women who need our help, respect, love, equality, magnanimity, sympathy and empathy. Not more. Not less!

e) The coming of age, the Kunama way.

We Kunama have to reach a certain age of maturity before we are men or women. And I think it is a good idea to introduce this idea to other Eritrean Nationalities as well especially to our Eritrean girls who are married way too early in their lives at 12, 13, 14 ,15....just children, disgusting! It is a shame even to remember and to mention it. So "No" marriage before the age of 18. This ban is to give our young girls to reach maturity, to go for further education and to pursue other personal dreams; and only if we follow this way we can reach women's emancipation faster and better.

Finally, promote plurality, respect for other religions, Nationalities,cultures, languages... democracy,liberty and freedom. And that is what we are fighting for; moreover, as Dr. Martin Luther King said, "The time is always right to do what is right."

N. Galla  February/15/18.