News: /2018

the long-caged and undiplomatic, rogue president of Eritrea, Isaias Afwerqi is seen in United Arab Emirates.

For a president locked for decades at Adi Hallo traditional dam is more than opportunity to be seen in international media. What President Isaias should tell the Amir of the Emirates is that, Eritrea is not a land or property of a single individual, the president. It’s not either the land of dualism: Christian vs muslim, lowland vs highland, Tigringa vs Arabic languages, Tigringa-Arabic culture and a land of one or two ethnic groups, as the regime is trying to portray in social media. It’s a land of multi ethnic, linguistic and cultural people with diversified magnitude and scope of interests. So, it should be bear in mind that any agreement with PIA means nothing to Eritrean people at large.

Eritrea, therefore, a land of NINE nationalities with NINE different languages. It’s a land of both minorities and majorities. It’s a land where a workable consensus is highly needed or on demand. Decision making is expected to be tabled for both minorities and majority parts of our society. Shared vision is the sole conviction for the nine nationalities. To resolve any national issue on behalf of minorities is an absolute crime. It cannot be tolerated at any rate and range. The majesty of Eritrea, therefore, is the clear manifestation of its diversity. Our Eritrean diversity should not merely exhibited in Shingiruwa Academy stage of on Tv screen. Our diversity should be revealed on decisive national issues and its only then, Eritrea can be portrayed as a home of NINE nationalities with diversified language, culture, territory and climate. Isaias Afwerqi should know that he has no legitimacy from Eritrean people. Legitimacy is and should be emanated from the citizens by a ballot box. Legitimacy is or should not be derived from numerical majority or minority. What we Eritreans want and need in Eritrea is a government ruled by majority opinion based on its diversified composition of its entities not from sheer numerical majority calculus. Eritrea is of all nine nations ties and should be governed on consensual vision.