DMLEK will kick PFDJ Out:

We told you sentiments are haunting us, Eritreans, that the doom of the Eritrean regime at the hand of minorities.

Those who believe and usually utter the word “what’s DMLEK is up to” or abey kitbetsha? should read the current situations between lines. The ratio of DMLEK fighters to that of the regime, numerically or quantitatively, of course, might be 1:10000. But qualitatively, the ratio is 1:50. Look how our gallant fighters have carried out those operations inside Eritrea and how they slipped off from. For DMLEK, it’s as simple as any thing to destabilize the regime. By now and as perfect political leadership, DMLEK is up to leading for a genuine regime change with a minimum or a nil sacrifice.

By doing so, we are going to liberate the entire Eritrea and it’s citizens with out discrimination including those surrogates. And we hope they will rehearse and say ‘abey keybetsha’but through whisper. It’s their right, the right of freedom, the freedom of speech but limiting the degree of intonation. So, our friends, Eritrean brothers and sisters, from this date, should sought for political strategic partnership in our beloved country. There is also a possibility to bring a national consensus on issues like wealth and power sharing. Equality and minority rights are the glaring points with heavy hands and leverage on sketching national consensus. No more numerical majority rule from now on. Look Kenya and how the political partnership is shaky. Look to Lebanon how the Hezbollah(the party of God) and the Christian Meronites of Mitchel Aoun, as per the predesigned constitution: presidency for Christian Meronites, premiership for Sunni, secretariat for the Shia Muslim. We as a minority groups with unique cultural, linguistic and social fabrics propose such a Lebanese type constitution. A politically balancing real partnership. We as members of DMLEK and Kunama are heading towards that. We believe that, it’s the soul option for the newly forged Eritrea. And we will make it for sure. And We Are Up to That Goal. Fetikum Tseliikum nabuu kinbetsih ina. Ni higdef kea kinqebro ina!!!!