EPLF/PFDJ and its collaborators are the sole accountable for mass exodus and ethnic cleansing in Eritrea:

shading the crocodile tears, the regime in Eritrea and its surrogates are accusing super powers, regional and neighboring states and some Eritrean opposition members like DMLEK by name, as responsible for the Eritrean refugee influx or exodus.

Its abhorring and malicious to blame others for your personal defects. The Eritrean regime and its followers should liberate them selves from the chauvinist sentiments. It’s their jungle habits isolating them from the international community. It’s that boasting culture of self reliance and me know all concepts that has put them behind the cart. We are Eritreans and Africans. No more unique traits than our neighbors and African brothers and sisters. Eritrea and its people are not against any people or neighboring states. Reciprocally too, no African or people of neighboring states have the grudge of pathological hatred towards Eritrea and its people. It’s the system, PFDJ and the mode of reign in terror all people of the world hated and disgusted. EPLF/PFDJ should not be allowed to live under the blanket of the Eritrean people. Eritrea and its people should not be availed as shields of the regime.

No and Never. We should not let PFDJ to hijack our rights and liberties. We should let the world know that the mere cause for all mass exodus and crimes is the regime at post. We should let the world know that the regime at post has no legitimacy to act on behalf of the Eritrean people. No constitution, no fair and free elections and no peace and security in Eritrea. How can a citizen of a country thinks about constitution, elections and freedom of speech where there is a bent regime? How can we see the correct and broad picture where the regime at post has stolen and confiscated all our rights and liberties? The regime is still with its jungle mentality. The regime is still with its revenge habit. The regime is still with happy trigger shooting culture. The regime is still in a blame game theater. Those part of our society, the out comes of the PFDJ’s social engineering should think otherwise and come to their sense that they are eloping with a system that’s not able to rescue itself. Let’s not blame the international community for our weakness. Let’s not point our forefingers to others. Let’s stick and watch the genuine picture as to why the PFDJ led regime is gambling in our names. “Not in Our Name” should be our timely slogan to be chanted by all peace and change loving Eritreans.