Congratulations for the successful 13th leadership meeting of TPLF/EPRDF:

A month long meeting of the Tigray People's Liberation Front(TPLF) leadership was wrapped successfully. The Democratic Movement for the Liberation of Eritrean Kunama(DMLEK) and its grassroots were following the event day in and out.

The strength of TPLF/EPRDF and its selfless grassroots is a guarantee for the oppressed people of our region. We, as DMLEK and its grass-root members, are over confident and jubilant by the role played by the three partners of the meeting: those experienced and long time leadership members, those leadership who have been on board and the new comers who joined the stage. Their overall contribution was tremendous and exemplary of how to transfer power to the new generation. It's a hope to revive and continue the culture of goal and outcome based evaluation or organizational appraisal for both people of Eritrea and Ethiopia. It's and should be taken as a role model, regardless of the comments of all bents, it's an out come done by the proud daughters and sons of Tigray/Ethiopian people. Thus far, we applaud, appreciate, congratulate, and wish a success and healthy working sphere for the new leadership.


Congratulation again!!