Descendants of settlers would never tell you the whole truth. Part 3 end final

Comment: Here, you are correct, bravo Ghirmai! But you also gave us this information: "Mahteme Sillasie kab Axum metsiom, kristian gherommom nikunama."

 Translation; a group of missionaries came from Axum and made (baptized) them or converted them into Christianity.

Comment: Oh! This conversion is our biggest problem in that part of Gash laalai by Tigrigna Priests and in Gash Tahtai by Tigre speakers' muslims; and it is not your fault of course but, as you rightly said above, if Kunama, like all people on planet, are the people with their particular religion, why another foreign, imported and politically corrupted religion on top of peaceful, natural, and local Kunana religion? Isn't this neo religious colonialism? Assimilation? Annihilation? A tramp on Kunama culture? And custom and values? Isn't this a cultural genocide which is a crime against humanity, sir? Frankly, we, Kunama, don't tolerate any kind of conversion from both sides. And, respectfully, hand off the Kunama religious and political affairs. "Kullu wanna alowo"! In addition, Ghirmai, you are Tigrigna and Christian, aren't you? But if an Islamic Imam converts you into Islam and gives you a bunch of Arab names e.g..Mohammed Abubaker Idris (Al Habeshy), you wouldn't like it, of course! And that is a true for us, Kunama: we have our own religion and names; therefore, we don't need any additional religion or other people's names whatsoever! "Don't do to others what you don't like to be done to you." That is your Christian Gospel, sir!

Another last point; Jebha, ELF, Kunama conflict:

The interviwer was asking Ghirmai this crucial question: why Kunama were fighting agaisnt Jebha? And being Ghirmai himself former Jebha and still is in one or another form and level, first admitted that Jebha made "some mistakes" but later said this distorted and outrageous answer, quote "kab Barentu siletekelkelu iom ziwagu zineberu" Traslation: Kunama were fighting against Jebha because they were not allowed to enter Barentu, their regional capital.

Comment: That is baloney! It is a sheer arrogance and ignorance and a lack of empathy towards those who suffered injustices from majority tribes. And, as Anton Chekhov said, let me briefly "State the problem correctly" for you and for many, many others who perhaps deliberately distort the history in their favour in order to demonize the poor victims, the Kunama. And Kunama not only were not allowed to enter Barentu for shopping and human relations with their families but they were deprived of their property that Kunama brought for sale and they were beaten up like animals with whatever Jabha fighters had in their hands. Although all these mistreatments were very, very serious, gross and rampant human and civil right violations, by comparison with what had happened to them, Kunama, in the past was still minor. Kunama, therefore, did not fight against Jebha for this reasons; the problem was greater and deeper than this. So I have to take you back in time and history and tell you the Kunama plight and explain to you and to many others why Kunama fought against Jebha. When Italians were swept away by Allied Forces in 1940- 41, moreover, British Military replaced it by administering our Eritrea for 10 years. British, in order to rule our people with no Eritrean public uprising against them, divided our people by pitting one tribe or tribes against the others. So in low land Eritrea, it was a perfect opportunity to pit the religiously and ethnically different Kunama against Islamic Beni-Amer and Nara and Christian Tigrigna speaker of Anseba in an unholy alliance. And in 1945-46, therefore, a brutal, bloody war broke out at the Gash/Barka border, known in Kunama as "Salibiai Masa" for Saleh Hiyay's civil war, after then  Beni-Amer leader, Saleh Hiyay. Shek Mohamed was Nara leader and Idris Shangarfo was Kunama manna (leader) of that civil war. And the war, however, ended in Kunama interest upsetting the other side  with grudges, animosity and opportunity to attack Kunama one day. ( follow the logic; this is crucial point to know the cause and effect of the war, sir) 

So after British, when Colonial Ethiopia came in and by annexing Eritrea in 1960s and when the Eritrean Revolution started in 1961 under the leadership of Islamic, Beni-Amer dominated Jebha, it was not a good news for Kunama, of course. In fact, Jebha with the guns they got in the name of Eritrean Liberation from foreign Islamic Nations and instead of convincing all Nationaties to fight against the colonial Ethiopia, Jebha or some Jebha fighters with grudges started to kill innocent Kunama everywhere in Gash/Setit area... avenging  their love ones who died during Salibiai Masa or civil war.

And rightfully, Kunama were angry like hell! And they immediately asked the former colonial Ethiopian Government to be given rifles for their, our, "self defence." And Ethiopia answered their demand promptly, of course! And, therefore, Ethiopia for its interest and Kunama for their interest (survival) they were battling Jebha together in all fronts in all Kunama land; in other words, it was a symbiotic relatioship with each other. And if need be, I'll be writing more and in details about these and of other issues with no "sugar coating" whatsoever and you will see, notice and know  how evil and malicious Jebha was against the Aboriginal innocent Kunama in the name of Eritrean Revolution. As a writer and as a Kunama myself, that is my, our, job to expose the culprits and bring them into account and to "State the problem correctly"  because we were there in that Eritrean Revolution and Evolution as well. In fact, our Tigrigna people, although they don't practice what they preach, have this rightful saying: "Ziterekebe imker, Zikebere ingher!

 Do you understand, Ghirmai? Or anybody else who misunderstood Kunama in the past?

Well, you bet! You better do!

And that is the end of my writing in brief.  I am...

N. Galla

October, 2017

 Anton Chekhov (1860 -1904) note

My valued reader, you might ask "who is this guy"? or who was Anton Chekhov? Well, briefly, Anton Chekhov was and still is the most prolific and didactic Russian -Phisician/Writer in the world. Mind you, he wrote 600 didactic short stories. Yesterday as well as today in Europe, in North/South America and elsewhere in the world many films and theatrical shows are based on his short stories. Anton Chekhov wrote every day life bringing the nature of things and the world to you, live, as they are. So no sugar coating to stories, no nothing if I may say. So he was blunt, objective, ambitious and sincere...in other words "Dr. Chekhov was a priest with no rites." And that is what any writer should be and emulate. 

Anton Chekhov, as I mentioned above, was also a medical doctor. So working as a doctor by taking care of his patients and writing 600 short stories in a short period of time, it was not an easy task; it was a very, very demanding task, indeed! 

Perhaps becuase of this tiring and extemely demanding task, he was diagnosed with a terminal disease at the age of only 36. But Dr. Chekhov never slowed down; as a matter of fact, he accelerated in caring his patients and writing more stories even few paragraphs a day apparently forgetting and ignoring his own serious malady and evetual mortality. And this was his famous maxim: "Medicine is my lawful wife and literature is my mistress. When I get tired of one I spend the night with the other." But the Russian doctor and freelancers, Anon Chekhov, died 13 years before Lenin's Bolshevics swept to power in Russia and in the Soviet Union at the age of only 44. And this was Anton Chekov's life history in brief.

N. Galla.