Descendants of settlers would never tell you the whole truth.Part 2


By the way, the late Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Melles Zenawi, was the only sensitive Habesha leader who acknowledged, understood and defended the plight of Minority People within his Nation State and elsewhere;

in fact, Prime Minister Zenawi said this statement in different occasions: who did not kill and uprooted Kunama from its ancestral land? Yes, indeed! You got it Mister Prime Minister! We, Kunama, consider him as one of us and we miss him dearly and forever for his unwavering truthfulness.

Another blunder and supremacist answer by Ghirmai to this question was this.

Interviewer: iti asmat natatom inkello, terebahti aiconun; intai imesleka?

Traslation: although names and the land belong to Kunama, you don't see them to exploit, utilize its resources; why? What you think?

Ghirmai's answer: a) ab filme desinnet nerom; b) tikma aifeletun; c) bahli tseghem neruom. Translation: a) Kunama was a primitive society; b) kunama did not know the importance of land; c) Kunama had a cultural problem.

 Comment: Well, now you showed your ugly face by showing typical Habesha's linguistic, cultural and religious supremacy to Kunama and perhaps to other genuine African races. When somebody or group is different than you, supremacists call names. So it looks that you are a perfect product of that ugly culture. And let me go  through history and show you what supremacist had said, did to other people different than them by creating us versus them and by despising, belittling "them".....others....

 a) As I wrote in my previous writings, Cam or Ancient Egypt, a 3000 plus years of black civilization, was a cradle of civilization and, therefore, it was the sourse or "mother of western civilization." Thus it was still is the land of one of the seven wonders in the world with its majestic Pyramids and a quintessential black African looking Sphinx standing up under the blue African sky. Moreover, it was the land where monotheistic, western religions ( Judaism, Christianity and Islam) and values and customs...had their origins from; and the list is endless....The arrogant and power hungry emperor Napoleon Banaparte, however, wanted to whitewash the history and to give the credit to himself. So in 1798 with a colonial French army of 40,000 and an army of civilians French scietists, invaded Egypt which was ruled by Ottomans at the time. The purpose of this invasion was, in his words, "to civilize Egypt" and to impose the French culture, language and values. Mind you, Europeans, in this case the French, got their civilization from Ancient Egypt, a black civilization; and now he wanted to civilize it and , in his words, to civilze the infedels, savages black people? Well, this is called, Napoleonic white supremacist arrogance and denial by creating " us vs them" phenomenon."

b) Another example of white denial; back three decades ago, today's Zimbabwe was called Rhodesia after the British pioneer and colonizer Cecil Rhodes. And the last colonial white Prime Minister of Rhodesia was Ian Smith who said this to his opposition, freedom fighter contenders then the heroes Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo, quote "Black man is not sophisticated enough to govern this Nation and myself for another 1000 years" and quote. 

c) According to U.S.A recent statistics, there are 900 hate groups in the Country: Neo Nazis, White Supremacists, KKK and you name it...These groups, unfortunately, hate, belittle and undermine everybody in America but the "whites" by creating "us versus them phenomenon. As a matter of fact, in their eyes, even the President Obama was an illegal President because they deliberately believed that he was not born in America; even the incumbent President Trump, a man with no presidential protocol and  a man who boasteb about his genitals and bragged about women in the National Tv, had asked President Obama to provide with his birth certificate and show him, Trump, and fellow Americans like him, the white supremacists. And President Obama, a remarkable person that America  was lucky to have him as its President, did as he was told. But in vain. Trump and fellow supremasists, ridiculously, never believed him, Obama, till this date. This is called a "white denial" to people different than them, whom they call the people of colour.  And in the years 1940's, 1950's and 1960's in the boxing world, the white supremacists in U.S.A. claimed that black people (boxers) were physically and mentally inferior to white men (white boxers); therefore, black men could not beat their white counterparts. Well, the truth was the other way around as we observed over the years, many world famous black boxers sprouted up (eg) Mohamed Ali, Joe Frazer... Floyd Mayweather etc beating everybody with an unparalleled competition and victory earning millions. Nowadays it seems that most white boxers (white supremacsts) quit boxing altogether bearing the shame and bad- mouthing they said in the past, quietely.

 And as everybody knows black people, an estimated 15 million black slaves in those days, years, built America by working hard from dawn to dusk and by shedding blood, tears and death. And, therefore, quote "America would not be America without them" and quote. However, today many blacks are disposable for being just black. Mind you, again, according to recent American statistcs, in the year 2016 alone 600 innocent, unarmed blacks were killed by racist, white police force perhaps for small transgressions; and, of course, not to mention those who died from black to black violence, and blacks killed by white and spanish gangs. And in a Nation with an estimated 300 plus million guns in the street, any thing can happen any time, anywhere in America, unfortunately. And, as they say, God bless America! What can you do?  Well, let me ask this naive question: had the number of blacks killed by police was from white folks, what would have happened in America? Hmm...the answer was obvious and simple, a "civil war in America!" But black lives don't matter even after 400 years of coexistence; America is still a wild frontier for black people, indeed! Frankly, as a proud black man  with my black teenage boys, I am afraid, nervous, every time they go out or drive by themselves in the American... well, I call it " wilderness." Mind you, it's bad, that much! That extent! And with the tenure of the current xenophobic President Trump, the situation is even worse. And by observing and taking all these things in consideration, a cofounder of Equal Justice in America, Bryan Stevenson, said this: quote, black slavery in America has not ended, but it evolved and quote.

Anyway, let me come back to our future Eritrea now; years 1890s. When Italians came to today's Eritrea they encountered stiff resistance at Dogali and in other places by locals specially by inhabitants of today's High Land Eritrea who had guns given by their Government in Abyssinia, that is, Tigray, Wollo, Beghemedir and Gojjam under their leader, Yohannes the 4th. Habesha for being Christians earlier even before most of European Nations, they were helped militarily from Christian world especially from Portugal since 15th century and so they were powerful since, and also Habesha were part of last Axumite Civilization. But the Habesha and other people were insulted, belittled and undermined by Italians as infedels, pagans savages and that they, Italians, were in that part of the world to import to them Christianiny and civilization and so on and so forth. Italians used us and them discriminatory, colonial language, excuse to swllow you, Habesha and others. And perhaps now your turn, Ghirmai, to use the same language to belittle and undermine Kunama when you said this to them: a) Kunama were primitive; b) Kunama did not know the importance of land; c) Kunama had cultural problem!?

Well, as a Kunama individual, I could have written volumes about a) Kunama origin and its civilization; b) about our Kunama attachment to our land; c) and about  Kunama culture which is "Second to none." But for the sake of brevity, I'll give you only some taste of it. Kunama and other genuine, Indigenous African People were people of civilazation and people of land and culture starting from Cam ( Egypt) to Axum and in the between; in other words, the entire East Africa. Habesha people, that it include you, Ghirmai, being relatively new comers to East Africa from Asia, Yemen, it was "safe" for you to say - I don't know Kunama, its history, its land, its culture and custom... and wait for others, Historians, to tell you their correct history instead of blundering and misleading your audience, sir. Thus Kunama are naturally philosophers. They follow the natural cycle of life. Yes, indeed! When a child is born, they rejoice it. When a young or relatively young person dies they moan, they lament and cry sorrowfully. And when an old man or woman dies, they celebrate for well spent life cycle. And when some carry the dead body, others dance in front and around the dead body with funeral drumming, funeral songs and funeral horn blowing by celebrating his or her long life and deeds and by accompanying physically to sacred cemitery ground for bureal and spiritually to Heavens. Wow! Where in the world you could find this unbelievable culture except in Kunama land, Ghirmai? Again, let me remind you what you said to Kunama: "Kunama nai bahli tseghem allowom" Well, you don't seem to know or you don't want to tell the whole truth, sir.

Another point: unlike the imprudent and politically incorrect Samira Saleh Hassan who had said that Kunama are not believers, pagans some months ago, and whom I gave a piece of my mind for uttering this kind of naked blunder, you, Ghirmai, had admitted that Kunama, like all the people in the world, are believers and that their God is "Anna."


by N.Galla