Ethnic cleansing and brainwashing:

A new brand method of EPLF/PFDJ:- killing your favorites or destroying one's livelihood and making you believe that you yourself are playing foul is the timely tactic of the Isaias's regime. In accordance to this plan and methodology, the regime has killed more than 20 Eritrean Kunama in prison or jail and told their parents to perform the ritual for the killed KUNAMA.

Now a days , people are accepting the ordeal as a daily duty and fulfilling what they are told to do. Dwellers of Dase, Daretalla, and Ausubi, vicinities of Dokinbiya and Ugaro were summoned for a general meeting on 5/6/2017 while the inhabitants of Tole gamuja, Aymaba and ollo kosso had sat for meeting on 9/6/2017 at Shambako. The third meeting was held for the dwellers of Agani, Kuftale, Dagilo and Kolluku on 10/6/2017. People of Karkasha, Taykanaba, Aykota, Tali Mariti, Ketumbure and Shusha biya have met on 11/6/2017 under the leadership of Awrelliyo Jakomino, the staunch stooge of the regime and the other 'bosses' from military leadership. The agenda is one and the same for all the four meeting scenes. "It's you, the Kunama people who are rebelling against our sovereignty and liberty. You are not mistreated killed or detained with out reason. Your children are in the jungle fighting us. So it's your duty to bring them back home and reconcile." Here we go! Look to the words of the alien's regime, land grabber and killer of its own people? Imagine how many Kunama and Eritrea citizens are driven out from their ancestral land trying and suffocating them now they are unhurt and unharmed. In all meetings, people were surrounded by soldiers and were under duress pressed to either be silent as accepted or get lost. They were at gun points to accept the crime and duty which is beyond their knowledge and reach. If the regime is for reconciliation, it should first reconcile with its abhorring policies and greed. But no way out. They are being told to collide with their siblings, beloved ones and liberation fighters of their own. Any human knows what and which one is good or bad for him or her. The Kunama knew how they have been treated at market places before two decades. They new exactly how rogue and merciless the regime was against their language, culture, ritually respected cemeteries and for their survival too. And today, the same Kunama, those who have been gunned down at will were 'recognized' as citizens under the regime and summoned for a meeting at gun point for reconciliation. Never late than never but for futile attempts. Our people, therefore, knew what the results of the liberation struggle and sworn to continue with until they get a full liberty. No reconciliation while the Kunama are displaced, marginalized and their land is grabbed by aliens. The remedy is at the hand of the regime and is just to leave us, Kunama, in peace and alone in our ancestral land. If not we Kunama are ready to fight until a person and a bullet remains. Land grabbing and systematic displacement of citizens from their beloved ancestral land tantamount to ethnic cleansing and the regime should be ready to defend it self. Any Kunama who lives in any corner should take to defend its people's right as a daily duty. We all Kunama, should put our difference aside and speak the same language with this regard as we have done for decades and centuries.